Cheese with your Fresh Grass and Wine?

First and foremost I’d like to apologize for my lack of existence within the WordPress world lately but believe I may have a gem for you all within this post.

While on my hiatus from blogging, my wonderful, and adventurous, boyfriend took me to Bar Pastoral for wine and charcuterie. Pastoral is a local wine, cheese & meat shop here in Chicago that has recently opened up a wine bar, you guessed it – Bar Pastoral, which I had been dying to go to. Not only had I been itching to check out their fromage and vino selections because, of course, they’re my favorite food groups but because Bar Pastoral’s Chef, Chrissy Camba (@ChrissyCamba) competed on this season of Top Chef.

Bar Pastoral’s food menu is not limited to cheese and wine however, they offer several cured meat selections, a few charcuterie plates, small plates, ‘not so small plates’ and snacks. All of which I intend to try in the near future, or whenever the purse strings can be loosened.

During this foodie outing we opted for just beer & wine, the 5 for $25 artisan cheese selection and 2 cured meats (at $6/choice). Our selections are pictured below, along with some unintentionally hilarious descriptions. All of which I encourage you to read more thoroughly on their website.

Bar PastoralWhen I had mentioned my boyfriend being adventurous I, more specifically, meant in regards to  his willingness to try new foods. Anyone not accustomed to noshing on something described using the words, ‘fresh grass’ or ‘forest floor’ should be awarded a courageous badge of foodie honor.

At his request I only ordered one soft cheese, Fromage de Meaux, bottom right hand, and attempted to play it safe with a few other cow’s milk varieties. The meats pictured are Duck Salami and Jamon Serrano, both of which I tried! The wine I chose, 2010 Domaine des Chesnaies ‘Les Terrasses’ ($10/glass), paired perfectly with the cured meats and was a varietal I had never had before, and as I say, any new wine experience is a good experience!

All in all, our choices proved to be good ones as the meats and cheeses were delicious, in spite of their initial off-putting ‘forest floor’ and ‘fresh grass’ descriptions. I cannot wait to treat my parents to a night at Bar Pastoral next time they’re in town! Maybe we’ll even be adventurous enough to order the 2009 Terra Di Vulcano ‘Aglianico Del Vulture’, which highlights hints of ‘pencil shavings’…