I believe deeply in doing what you love and doing it with all the passion your heart can muster. After all, you are taking action to fulfill your dreams for SOME reason, right? So why not do it with all you have!

To touch on the ‘About the Author’ blurb, I started this blog because I found that I was happiest in the kitchen. Combining my techie passion for social media and cooking seemed like a no brainer, so here I am.

After a long day of work I loved to come home and cook for my boyfriend and I; it was better than any therapy session and the next best thing to hitting up a yoga class. I also find immense pride and joy in feeding my loved ones with seriously delicious food.

I am by no means a gourmet chef nor was I classically trained. Simply, I am passionate about food, and putting that passion into cooking may mean more by the end of the meal {yes, that was a pun} than any training ever may. Enjoy all the recipes, thoughts and short stories that are to come and be sure to….



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